Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kid's Huggable Pillow Buddies

Pillow Buddies are here in town! Soft and huggable pillows that are characters in themselves and which bring so much love and comfort to kids throughout the world.

Pillow buddies are also great for trips. A combination of a pillow and a stuffed toy makes up one huggable pillow buddy that a child can stay close to day and night, can snuggle with and feel comfortable and secure with during trips.

Pillow pals will make perfect gifts for any occasion. Get yours today for that kid you love.

Child Matters Closest To Your Heart

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do you own a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery or a catering business?  We have a new line of  colorful and unique service aprons. Check out our Service and Restaurant Aprons Central .

The central source of serving aprons primarily for those in the restaurant business. The look of professionalism and style are evident in these carefully designed aprons for commercial use.

Also perfect for any cook who is serious about cooking - the budding cook, the casual cook, the student cook or even the professional cook - just any body who makes cooking his/her business.

Sunday, April 07, 2013



Let your little one's imagination soar under this bright and stylish pendant chandelier. A pendant kid's chandelier for the young and the young at heart, this bright design adds a fun accent to bedrooms and play areas. Old fashioned prop plane features satin chrome ceiling mount, wing and details. Plane body is in frosted. glass.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


The hard-backed cork and board placemats are the latest functional dining tabletop pieces that housewives, meal preparers and even restaurants have gone into with such zest and gusto. This is not some wonder tale, ladies. . .  Jason placemats do make the difference in a dining table, whether it is a casual dining experience or an elaborate ten-course meal experience.

The way the dining table looks speaks a lot of meals to come. It also gently yet powerfully conveys the love and caring the meal preparer has placed in the presentation of the meal. Jason placemats are beautiful, durable and easy-care cork-backed placemats that are made in New Zealand that have become the favorites of most modern housewives,  

The best tables reflect the meal, the season and the occasion.  The Jason Kitchen Coordinates collection opens up a world of design possibilities to help you set the scene and 'make the occasion' at your next celebration or your next casual family meal.

Using only the highest quality materials and offered in innovative designs and diverse themes and styles, these placemats are heat resistant to 110°C / 225°F! The design ranges from florals to fruits, herbs and veggies, to fine wine to fantastic landscapes and sceneries, to pets and critters, and to treasures from the sea, to sweets & treats!

A sisterly advice . . . DO NOT MISS ON JASON, LADIES!

Image above is one of the four different images of an Italian villa nestled by a lake that comprise the set of four "La Terrazza" 11.25" x 16.75" placemats. The color palette is rich and earthy with many shades of mustards yellows, browns with blues, peaches and greens. Matching coasters are also available. 
Happy Shopping, Shopper!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adorable Dog Fashion

Who is not a dog lover? I cannot imagine anyone's heart not melting to the sight of a puppy - whether big, small, petite, medium or large! Even cats grow affectionate to dogmates after a while.

There is a growing trend among our dog lovers to treat these endearing four-legged pets who spice up their lives beautifully to pamper them like parents would pamper their chldren. And why not?

Your loyal companions are entitled not only to have an easy, healthy, comfortable and fun life but a fashionable and trendy lifestyle as well. Nowadays, there are fashionable and comfortable pet apparel, collars, leads, harnesses, houses, beds, carriers, toys, accessories and yes, jewelry that are designed for that beautiful baby pet of yours!

Shop around for only quality products for your babies. Can we invite you to our collection, please? has a variety of fashionable items for your baby. You will surely find an outfit or accessory that will be a paw-fect for your lovely, lovely pet!

In the meantime, love that puppy!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Children's Fun and Whimsical Furniture

There is a new line of children's furniture that is not so easy to pass up - Fun and Whimsical Children's Furniture handcrafted and hand-painted by original Children's Furniture Designers.

You can find them at the little shop in the (cyber)neighborhood that you just love to visit - simply adorable children's furniture that are loved and treasured by children and adults everywhere. Whimsical and fun, our selected lines of children's furniture are crafted for years of use, with the added benefit of being passed along to younger siblings. The combination of artistic design and practicality of these kids' furniture makes each furniture a fun and appealing piece that you and your child will enjoy for years to come. has it all - from tables and chairs, storage step stools, clothes trees, bookcases to rocking chairs, toy chests to play lofts, toddler beds, kids beddings and other room accessories.

An added bonus to all of these is this: each furniture perfectly coordinates with all the pieces under each decor series and yet, all the pieces can be easily mixed and blended with an existing room decor.

Here is the final note: These children's furniture and accessories are very AFFORDABLE and PRICED LOWER THAN OTHER kids' furniture in the market. Go check them out. Make your child happy and proud!!! Happy shopping! Always shop SAFE and SMART!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Miniature Cottages for the Garden

Miniature concrete cottages are best sellers in stores everywhere now that summer is here and just every gardener wants to make his or her garden the toast of the neighorhood. These delightful miniature garden cottages are handcrafted with lots of loving details by the best artisans of Brookfield, Georgia, USA. You can find them at the most affordable prices at SHOPDROPS.COM(compare pricing with other online stores). The spirit of the old world cottage is apparent in its purest form in these weather durable garden cottages which are delightfully available in different architectural designs. These collectible cottages have removable roofs, and can be used as lanterns, key keepers or storage for small garden tools.

Available designs are the English Cottage with tin or concerete roof(your choice), English Rose Cottage, Scottish Cottage, Highlands Buttercup Cottage, Italian Cottage, Irish Cottage, French Farm Cottage and the Tuscan Sunflower Cottage. English troughs are also offered if you want to enhance your miniature cottages with landcasping. This is a great project for the avid gardener, the amateur lanscaspist or the bored teens or kids on their school breaks. Check these miniature cottages out, shopper! Let me know what you think of them!